4 – The artist’s house-studio

The Artist’s studio, in the small, simple house of his elders, furnished with picturesque, almost folkloristic good taste; with few open windows blooming with geraniums, and flickering glimpses of a dense foliage that almost entirely surrounds it, the house opens onto backgrounds, views, moments of the countryside near and far, from which the inspired painter can draw the most varied subjects without ever moving from his own refuge. Canvases of all sizes are gathered in the modest, airy studio, not yet released to the light and estimation of the world: works that await a final touch, a last caress of inspiration and technique, which the loving artist returns to after long intervals of time, with the rhythms, I would say, of the seasons, so that each shot has the naive, primitive freshness of new inspiration.

Giovanni Bertacchi, Come nasce un paesaggio (How a Landscape is Born), in Le vie d’Italia number 12, 1936

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