Il Nido del Sole

The Nido del Sole studio-cottage, which is located in Santa Maria Maggiore, used to belong to the painter Alfredo Belcastro (1893-1961).

It was donated to the School of Fine Arts by Lucia Antonioli, the niece of Belcastro’s wife. Belcastro took courses in painting and ornamental design at the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts in the early 20th century and within a few years achieved international fame. His favourite subject was nature and he wanted to capture every detail in all its beauty. Light is the undoubted protagonist of his works.

Even today time seems to have stood still inside the cottage. The atmosphere among the old paints, brushes, canvases, clothes, hats and other objects and furnishings that belonged to Belcastro is special. They have all remained in place as if the artist were about to return home at any moment to finish his enchanting works.

Severino Ferraris’s atelier

Severino Ferraris (1903-1979) was an important Vigezzo painter.

He pursued the path of divisionism and achieved a degree of national and international success.

He attended drawing and painting courses at the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts under Enrico Cavalli, then Dario Giorgis and his uncle Carlo Fornara.

As well as his favourite theme of landscape painting, he also devoted himself to portraiture.

In keeping with the Vigezzo tradition, light and colour are of great importance in his paintings.

His studio in Prestinone was donated to the Rossetti Valentini School and is now one of three properties owned by the foundation.

The goal now is to re-open the studio, not only for visits, but as a production site dedicated to art printing and art residencies.

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