The teachers

The teachers

The foremost teacher was of course Giovanni Maria Rossetti Valentini, who taught for about ten years.

Carlo Giuseppe Cavalli was officially called to teach in 1881, and then from 1893 Prof. Pietro Maria Gennari held the post until his death in 1901.

Enrico Cavalli (son of Carlo Giuseppe) had also competed for the post. He was not initially approved but obtained a provisional appointment in 1901 along with Dario Giorgis. Enrico was in charge of painting and Dario was in charge of drawing. In 1902 Roberto Sella became a teacher, followed by Dante Comelli.

In 1917 Enrico Cavalli was finally appointed as a teacher but unfortunately died two years later when the position was passed to Dario Giorgis.

Starting in 1928, teaching was suspended for a few years due to lack of funds but resumed again in 1932-1933 with Vincenzo Righetti from Turin. Giuseppe Giobbi taught from 1934 to 1937, but from 1938, due to the looming war, no teacher could be found to hold the position permanently. There followed a succession of temporary professors, with the painter Severino Ferraris awarded the post from 1941 to 1945. Between 1945 and 1946 Giorgis Francesco (known as Pantona) held the position. Despite Ferraris’ attempts to relaunch the school, the academic environment remained a distant memory, and under Antonio Gennari summer courses were started.

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